Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dress For a Better World

Ever wonder if what you wear dictates your mood?  A book entitled "The Gentlemen of Bacongo" explores this idea through photographs of Sapes (French slang for dressing with class)in Brazzaville.

From Selvedge magazine-
After the war in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, 1998-1999, things were still hostile until a group of men began to exhibit the look and attitude of elegance in their dress and consequently in their behavior.  They are described in The Gentlemen of Bacongo ~ The Importance of Being Elegant, a new book about the S.A.P.E.  To quote Baudoin Mouanda, one of the photographers in the book, " The Sape is an art and real gentlemen have to know the concept of gentleness and good manners related to the inherent moral code of the individual".  He explains how dressing elegantly is being used to give society hope and to return to civility and good will.  The group teaches others what it means to look and act elegantly, believing "It is more significant to know the rules of elegance than to have a Dior or Versace outfit and not know how to dress"-

Making an effort to dress better has my vote!